Vintage Boyd Coddington Wheels

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Vintage Boyd Coddington Wheels

Vintage Boyd Coddington Wheels are growing in popularity. While several of the classic styles live on either with or without revisions, there’s still demand for the truly vintage, aka discontinued wheels.

There’s at least one Facebook group dedicated to sourcing and selling these wheels. There’s also a dedicated Facebook page JUST for finding JUST ONE WHEEL  Which means if you just need one wheel (because one of yours is damaged), you can go to this group.

While many people update the look of their cars over the years, there are many who want to keep their cars or trucks “period-correct.” This of course, is totally understandable.

Generally speaking, wheel styles come and go. Trends like directional wheels were hot in the ’70s and ’80s but by the 1990s, that trend started to fade away. Then suddenly, started to make a comeback in some circles.

Manufacturers of wheels are driven by demand – if a particular style is selling well, production continues. When a style falls out of favor and is usually discontinued.

After a while, the tooling is retired or the CAD files are lost or deleted or become outdated.  As such, once a wheel style is discontinued, the economics of resuscitating the style is not economically feasible given low demand.


vintage boyd coddington wheels
vintage boyd coddington wheels




Another way to find businesses that specialize in discontinued parts is to use the power of Google search terms. Ex: “vintage body Coddington wheels for sale” or “discontinued body Coddington wheels for sale.”

Another company that pops is this company,  Although their website is pretty dated, as of this writing, they’re still going strong.


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The power of social media is amazing. Why some lifelong hot rodders may have never found much need of the internet, this is what it’s for: finding car parts.

No matter what you want, if you type that phrase and search for “Groups” on Facebook, you’ll probably find thousands of like-minded people. Try it for yourself.

Here’s how to find Groups on Facebook.

Facebook groups are amazing in that you can find almost anything you want there. It can be a rabbit hole because you can use the search section to narrow your search.



There’s a booming business for sourcing center caps of old wheels, including Boyd Coddington vintage wheels. This company is one of them.

Center caps for Boyd Coddington vintage wheels are especially hard to come by. Perhaps because that’s just the nature of this niche – as cars get passed on to new owners, it’s only natural for new owners to change things up a bit. As such, wheels and tires are often replaced with the newer style du jour.

These resources constitute what we would call the low-hanging fruit. By that, we mean that these are sources that are still active here in Spring of 2021. As time passes, it’s natural to expect that those used parts that still exist will disappear sooner or later. As they get rarer and rarer, you can expect prices to rise.

While many of us take the preservation of our cars very seriously, at some point, it becomes an overwhelming challenge.

If you live in a foreign country, it because especially challenging. Language barriers are a big problem when someone is using Google search. This only complicates a collector’s search and serves to frustrate the collector.

For those who are thinking about switching to a newer style wheel, feel free to browse our catalog.

Using the resources above should be your starting point. If unsuccessful, drop us an email at or call us M-F 8:30 AM to 5::00 PM  Eastern USA time (UTC -4) at +1  865-333-5200   The call is FREE.