The Hot Rod Power Tour Across America is On the Roll

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The Hot Rod Power Tour Across America is On the Roll

Fans of hot rods from all around the country will get the opportunity to see the hottest cars both new and old as the MotorTrend’s annual HOT ROD Power Tour heads to the southern states in June. This is the event that motorheads have been waiting for. It gets an estimated 4500 vehicles from the entire United States and even some who drive down from Canada for the experience. You will see late-model sports cars, classic muscle cars, hot rods, trucks, and some truly wild yet street-legal vehicles you may not see anywhere else.

Pre-arrival registration online is necessary whether you are a driver, owner of a car, or a spectator. There are a variety of ticket options depending on when you want to go, what location you can show up at, or whether you want to travel with the tour through Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Only spectators can buy tickets at the actual venues, so plan accordingly.

Hot Rod Power Tour Event Locations

 Depending on the registration and ticket options you choose, you can show up at one or more of these locations with your car or just to check out all the amazing vehicles on display.


  • Liberty Park in Memphis, TN – Kick off Day on June 13
  • Nashville Superspeedway in Lebanon, TN – June 14
  • Hoover Met Complex in Hoover, AL – June 15
  • Pensacola Fairgrounds in Florida – June 16
  • Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, GA – June 17


For those interested in the Long Hauler package that hits every stop, expect busy days and a lot of excitement. After registering your vehicle and getting the necessary window sticker, you can show up and display your car in any event as you like. Participation in autocross and drag racing events require additional registration and full compliance with all safety rules including helmets.


What Will You See on the Hot Rod Power Tour?


It would be simply impossible to list all the different types of cars, trucks, and other vehicles you may see at any one of the locations listed above. People come from all over to show off their coolest sports cars, vintage sedans, high-performance trucks, and classic hot rods with amazing levels of customization and style. Everywhere you look, however, you will find something worthy of the hot rod title.


In 2021, souped-up station wagons caught a lot of attention on the tour. Not many people associate Chevy Nomads with high-performance, but the flames painted on the side were not the only thing that made these family-friendly cars hot. In 1963 GMC masquerading as a low rider food truck made a lot of visitors take a second look. You could find everything from a 2021 Dodge Charger kitted out with a hemi V8 or surprising hot rod Suzuki Samurai transformed into a true street machine.


Who knows what will show up to surprise the crowds in 2022? What better way to start summer as a car enthusiast than heading south to the Hot Rod Power Tour put on by MotorTrend annually?