Barrett Jackson – 2021

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Barrett Jackson – 2021

With Covid restrictions lifting nationwide, things are slowly getting back to normal. That’s good because we’ve missed the Barrett-Jackson auctions.

Some of the most insane and collectible cars trade hands when the hammer drops. Like this one:

Barrett Jackson 2021

$5.5 million for this 1966 Shelby Cobrak 427 Super Snake. As per usual, the focus (for most of us) centers around restored classics, unrestored classics, and customer builds by any number of legendary builders and craftsmen like Chip Foose, Steve Strope, Roy Brizio and dozens of other talented companies and individuals.


Just one page of what’s in store for Barrett Jackson – 2021

Every car has a history, every car has a story. Some, more interesting than others. Some barely survived for decades, others have been preserved for decades.

Each sale leaves the seller with remorse and the buyer with glee. This is what our beloved hobby is about – turning cars into images of speed and beauty. Once your vision has been realized, some choose to work on making another dream come true.

With the days of internal combustion engines coming to an end, many journalists are reminiscing about ‘the gold ole’ days and writing about the fact history will likely label the early part of the 21st century as the “golden age of the automobile.’

Others may say that the golden age passed by decades ago.

Automotive Auctions Are Reminders

Auctions like the upcoming Barrett Jackson – 2021  events are a place to watch history pass in front of your eyes. In one afternoon, you can see the entire history of the automobile roll by as cars go through the auction. It’s a time to say “I use to have one of those – why did I sell it?” or “I remember when.”

Look at the faces in the audience as cars come up on the stage. Watch the awe of spectators, and the glee of children who rarely get to see such cars.

One of the highlights is seeing a car that has been missing for years come up for auction. Remember the Bullit Mustang that was rediscovered and eventually sold at auction for $3.74M?  I don’t know about you, but the sale made me a little misty. That the was first car movie I saw, and one I still watch at least once a year.


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